Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hampi . . . Central India . . . Rock skating, Machetes and Lake Body Builders. . .

Baumi decided to use the coconut mans machetes as a juggling apparatus and ended up nearly cutting his hand off . . . bloody schlumpe clown. The young lady bellow couldnt get enough action on the board, body glued to it from the moment I stepped foot of it.
This particular day we found a lot of good rock spofs to shred in the midday sun. Although skating them was a lot harder then it looked. Slippery, uneven ground added to the challenge and made filming a bit of a tester. After too long in the sun we decided to mission over to the lake which became a bit of a daily ritual to escape the afternoon heat. Some had a siesta, some too a swim and some joined the locals for whiskey, lunch and a muscle man contest.    

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