Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hampi . . . Central India . . . Rock Breaking

I woke up real early for some reason and rushed over to our new work site and was lucky enough to be the first one there. Even some how beat Robin and Eule. The rock masons were there and broke these huge rocks in half withing about 45 mins. they started off with a little chisel smashing little holes about 1-2 inches deep the whole way along the face of the rock and in the end hit the chisel in the middle hole and the rock just perfectly popped of, clean cut. This would kind of set the standard for this build as for the whole bowl we didnt use one bit of electricity. No cement mixer, no power tools, just a good eye and and some good old fashion hard work. The children from the village were so excited to get in there and help out in any way, whether it be mixing concrete, carrying bricks and sand or preparing chai for the crew . . . we couldnt have finished the build without their help! A year ago at the builders jam in Hannovr NONE of the local kids wanted to pitch in and give a helping hand although they would enjoy the fruits of our labour for years to come. Indian kids in comparison would observe what was taking place and learn with their eyes and put into practice their new learnt skills girls and boys alike.


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sophia said...

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idea! This work deals with both the theoretical and practical aspects of the demolition of concrete and masonry buildings and the recycling of the demolished materials.
Rock & Concret Breaking

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To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: http://www.maccaronidistribution.com/