Monday, July 19, 2010

desert, california

thanx a million to yancy, katie, dicola, bill, debra, barbara and all the homies in encinitas for having us there!!!!

we hired a car and have set off into the wild for a few weeks. got a sketchy route planned out that may change at anytime ! ! ! although we are planning to go as north as San Fransisco. firstly we are cutting through the desert out to the salton sea! seeings were heading to frisco i saw some flowers roadside and had to grab them for chays hair.

if you ever come to california be shore to check out the desert. it really is amazing. i still cant understand how people survive in that extreme heat.

this old guy with a beast handle mustache asked me to take a photo of him drinking from the bee invested tap with his camera. wish i had the shot i got on his camera as there was bees everywere!!!

just after a pitt stop at Rorys we round this tree covered in shoes. luckily there was a size 9.5 vans there waiting for me. so i did a trade off!!!

p.s. the photos with me in it were taken by maryjane. her blog is banging. scope it out at


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