Monday, July 19, 2010


this little old man by the name of Leonard Knight created what is now known as salvation mountain. it is in the desert by the salton sea. its is so so so so so so hot out there i cant stress it enough. lennon attempted to make the worlds largest air balloon with somthing about god posted up on it to prove his devotion to the apparent god. he spent years and years on it. sewing it by hand!!!!! the final attempt to launch it was bye the salton sea. when his finale attempt failed he decided to make a little sculpture there and now 22 years later we have the masterpiece that you can see in the photos bellow! it is all made from things he finds from the desert. old tyres, adboi (clay), paint, branches from old fallen trees.
Leonard Knight is the most humble, kind, enthusiastic, generous man. he lives in the back of an old fire truck. im not religious at all, but lennon was not a preacher as all. he explained to us; "if everyone kept it simple there would be no problems in this little world" and too "never underestimate the power of love". i hope one day you get to meet this amazing man. he devotes his life to the construction of salvation mountain, adding to it everyday. and very excited to drop what ever he is doing to give you a private guided tour.
the mountain features in the movie into the wild. if you havent seen it or cant remember it, its well worth a re-watch! that movie gets me hyped to travel and explore!

keep on a ripping at life Leonard!!!!!!


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