Wednesday, July 21, 2010


on the way to the northern part of sequoia park we found an amazing river with waterfalls and all sorts of cool little swimming pools. amazing to get the blood pumping first thing. further on we saw a little bar with a poster out front announcing the world cup final. seeing that chays homeland were in the final we had to post up to watch it. as everyone knows spain won!!! it was funny that even in the deep mountains of the sierra you cant escape spanish chavs . . . wish we were back in spain for the party ! ! ! ! !
when we arrived to the park we made a little picnic lunch and this little deer came from out of the woods trying to snake our chickpeas. then skateboarding through a log and it was off the general sherman tree, the largest living organism in the world! this tree is seriously huuugge.
that night we got woken up buy a 6-7 ft brown bear banging on bear reinforced storage container. when we popped our heads out to check him out he was already walking away up the hill. knowing that bears were around chay was terrified to do a walk into the largest sequoia canyon in the world. we did come across a bunch of bear bones that were left around from the hunting season. fuckers.
on our final night we were sitting down enjoying our dinner when chay spotted a little black bear down by the creek. we followed him up into the campsite. i was trying to stealth it along a hedge that was above the creek so i could get a good shot of the little guy. then BOOM he pops out of the hedge 8-10 feet in front of me and stared me in the eyes! i froze for a little second. but luckily he ran of like a scared dog!!!! seeing bear in the wild is crazyyyy! ive never been that lose to an animal in the wild that could literally eat you.

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