Monday, May 28, 2012


After a good night of camping we continued along to Montpellier and had a skate around finding spots after every turn. We then remembered that there was a fun skatepark on the edge of town with a perfect vert ramp. Dane and I had been talking about fs inverts a few times on this trip and how that is one of the before u die type moves . . . 15 minutes later that bastard crossed that one off . . . padless & shirtless just for hero points.

On the way searching for a nice beach location to sleep we went past a big swampy lake that was home to some flamingos . . . In the end we found an abandoned, decrepit, beachfront house with a perfect backyard to camp in giving us shelter as it was surrounded by a bamboo type bush. We thought there was no way anyone could see us from anywhere, but on the way back to sleep in the van Dane took a few photos with my camera which proved otherwise. 

We had 2 funny experiences that night, first was a kind of ufo type sighting. What ever we saw was so weird, we watched it hovering around in the sky for a long period of time, moving from one location to the other and in the end it just faded out . . . hard to explain but very very different to all the satellites ive seen. 
The other was Dane and i had child-hood memories of cooking tins of spaghetti on the camp fire. Alex had these huge cans of Chilli con carne so we convinced him we could to the same thing, once it heats up the lid would just pop up. Instead after about 15 mins while we were deep into a conversation BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM the can and whole fire exploded in our faces!!! Everyone went silent for a good 5 seconds running their hands over their face in the pitch black darkness to check they didnt have a shard of tin can hanging out of their eye. Miraculously no one was hurt, although Dane was covered in chilli con carne and some even burnt his face. 
The following morning we all decided we had to find the can which was no were insight, Mongolian head ended up finding it and it had shot all the way over the house some 20-30 meters away.       

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