Tuesday, May 1, 2012


DAY 1:
After a hellish week in Melbourne we dicked around at the airport after about 3hours sleep trying to fit things into the limited bags that we had checked in. When we arrived in Hobart Airport, Tasmania we were greeted with open arms and a big smile by King Louie! Louie had actually got in contact with me a year earlier saying that he follows my blog and from that day he insisted we come down to the bottom corner of the earth for a visit. 
Straight out of the airport we bought some fresh oysters from a local oyster farm, dropped our things off at Louies spot which is about 100meters from Hobart Bowl and boosted on over there for a skate. We then checked out the city skatepark which is a hill bomb away from the bowl and scoped out the second oldest city in Australia. We ended up hitting 3 parks and then went swimming in some crazy cave spot . . . In the afternoon we boosted it up Mount Wellington, which is the highest mountain in Tasmania, needless to say the views and scenery were incredible!!! There was even an observatory roof to skate . . . We bombed the looonnng winey road back down and then hit it back to Louies for a bbq with his friends. 

DAY 2/3:
We visited some skatepark by the beach and ended up chilling at the beach for a much needed swim, after Thomas once again slammed hard onto the hole in his elbow. That evening we went to a pub in town which have $4 steins and $4 snitzels!!! Austria being the origin of the snitzel the Austrian boys felt right at home. With ants in our pants and word that bad weather could hit the next day we raced over to Hobart bowl for a quick session before the sun went down. Fortunately the when we rose the next day the sun was shinning and we got to have another session!!! This beast was the most incredible snake run I have ever skated!! We spent hours skating in the 30 plus heat, Thomas actually passed out from the heat at some point. Louies friend Pat also showed up for the session with a goon-sack and had been partying from the night before, unfortunately he passed out in the shade after about 15 minutes. Later that afternoon we revived Pat, bought some beers and cruised out to some amazing swimming hole with a waterfall were we found a baby bird.  

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To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: http://www.maccaronidistribution.com/

To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: http://www.maccaronidistribution.com/