Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Styx Valley Tasmania . . . Australia

For years I have wanted to visit Styx Valley in Tasmania as it is home to the largest Eucalyptus trees in the world, hence being the largest living organism in Australia. On the drive out i spotted a little Echidna curled up in a ball in the middle of the road, we jumped out of the car raced down to get him off and Alex got spiked in the process of picking him up.

The drive out there was incredible and the scenery vastly changed as we weaved up into the deep forrest. As always it is hard to judge the real size of these trees sitting behind a computer screen, if u ever get the chance for yourself get out there and check it out!

The big tree walk through the bush is incredible and the short walk down to the river is also nice. Luckily environmentalists saved this park from being clear-felled by loggers back in the late 1990 early 2000's. We actually came past a few large sections which had been devastated from logging. Im aware that up until 2004 Old growth forrests which had been untouched since long before the English settled in Australia were logged and used for woodchip using practices that are banned in the rest of Australia. Following this the newly logged patch was fire-bombed from the sky using petrol chemicals . . . as u can see from the photos bellow the result is devastating . . .

On a high note on the winey drive back to Hobart we found hundreds upon hundreds of mulberry bushes roadside full of berries and god bless it we even saw a church for sale . . .

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