Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Just some photos i took over the week i was in Hannover while i wondered about! The peaches were really nice and so was Daniel May and his beautiful girlfriend Janas hospitality!!! Thanks for having me again guys, had an amazing time, hope to see u soon! My bank card wasnt working so i was on a severe budget, 50 cent cans of goulash saved my life!!! Robin was also a fan!!! Keep up the amazing work on 2er guys!!! Cant wait to get up there again this summer for the jam!

Once again check out the 2er (Shhf-vi-ER) website!!!


wattnelunte! said...

Best. Photo. Ever.
Daniel in his kitchen.

C. Barhansen said...

hammer. photos. of. the. man!

GYPSY LIFE said...

yeah i love that portrait of the may man!

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